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Model Validation in UPDM

Enterprise Architect supports model validation of UPDM models, validating and reporting errors against more than 160 different rules.

Configure Model Validation

Before being able to validate a model, you first have to select the rules to validate against. Select 'Design >Package > Manage > Validate > Configure Validation Rules' and deselect the checkbox against all validation rules except for the UPDM set.

Perform Model Validation

Open a diagram or select either a Package or a number of elements in the Browser window, then select the 'Design > Package > Manage > Validate > Validate Current Package' ribbon option (or press Ctrl+Alt+V). Validation results are displayed in the System Output window, which is opened if it isn't already displayed. To go to the element that caused a validation error, double-click on the error message in the System Output window.

Result of validating a UPDM model with errors, in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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