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Manage Object Labels

When you create certain elements or connectors, some of the properties of the created object are displayed on the diagram as labels offset from the object. For example, these properties display as labels:

  • Embedded element name
  • Run state, attributes and operations (if they exist) of an element that has an alternative image
  • Connector name, stereotype, constraints and/or source and target role names

You can format and hide these labels using the 'Labels' context menu.


Context Menu

Right-click on a label




See also

Edit Label

(Connector Labels only.)

Select this option to display the text within a small editing box, with the cursor within the text. Delete or add text as appropriate.

Shortcut: F2

Set Label Color

Select this option to display the 'Color' dialog, on which you select a standard color or define a custom color in which to display the label text.

Create Custom Colors

Hide Label

Select this option to hide the label on the diagram; to reveal the label again:

  • For an element label, right-click on the element and select the 'Appearance | Show labels' option
  • For a connector label, right-click on the connector and select the 'Visibility | Set Label Visibility' option; select the checkbox against each label to redisplay

You can also hide all connector labels on a diagram using the 'Suppress All Connector Labels' option on the 'Connectors' tab of the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram.

Changing Element Appearance Hide/Show Labels Connectors Tab


Select this option to display the label text in bold.

Label Rotation

(For embedded elements and connectors.)

Select this option to orient the label in the horizontal (default) or vertical planes. You can rotate the text in the vertical plane either clockwise or anti-clockwise from horizontal.

Text Alignment

Select this option to align the text to the left, center or right of the label text area. This is more apparent where there are several items of text in the label, of different lengths.


(Connector name labels only - ensure that the connector has a name.)

Select this option to set or clear a small arrow on the name label. You can choose to set the arrow pointing to the label source or destination.

A UML association with a label showing reading direction, on a UML class diagram.

This arrow is part of the label, so if there is no label text (or if the label consists only of spaces) there is no direction indicator.

Default Position

Select this option to move the label to the position it was initially created in, relative to the parent element or connector.

Default Color

Select this option to set the label color to the default color in which it was first created.


  • As labels can be concentrated on and around the element or connector, try to click on a section of the required label that is clear of any other label or structure
  • The 'Label Rotation' option is not currently available for stereotyped elements and connectors

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