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Port Configuration

When setting up the Pro Cloud Server you will need to define at least one Port that will be used for clients communicating to the Pro Cloud Server (this includes Enterprise Architect) to access data stored in Cloud based repositories.

Ports can be configured via the 'Ports' tab in the Pro Cloud Server Configuration client.

The Ports Tab

The 'Ports' tab provides information and a number of options:



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Port List

The main area of the 'Ports' tab provides a list of the existing Port definitions.

These Port settings are also covered in more detail in the Add a Port Definition topic.


  • Port - The Port number
  • Protocol - Displays the transfer protocol (http or https) that the Port has been configured to communicate on
  • OSLC Supported - Displays True if OSLC support is enabled for this Port; OSLC Support is required for WebEA access
  • Authentication - Indicates what type of Authentication is required (if any)
Add a Port Definition


Click on this button to display the online User Guide page describing the current screen.

Resource Monitor

Located in the lower left of the 'Ports' tab, this button can be used to open the Windows Resource Monitor. This allows you to check which Ports are already in use before adding a new Port Definition. 

Please note: this will open the Windows Resource Monitor for the current machine, which is only relevant if the Configuration Client is running on the machine hosting the Cloud Server.


Click on this button to add a new Port Definition.


Click on this button to edit the configuration of the selected Port. Editing a Port provides the same options as when adding a new one, except that the Port number cannot be changed.


Click on this button to permanently delete the selected Port Configuration


In order to configure a Port with SSL (HTTPS) the Pro Cloud Server requires a certificate/private file, see SSL Certificates section in Add a Port Definition.

Any update made to the Port definitions will not take effect until the Pro Cloud Server is restarted.

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