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WebConfig - Configure Ports

The 'Ports' page allows you to configure Ports that can be used for communication with the Pro Cloud Server. A Port must be configured to allow access to Cloud Models (via Enterprise Architect or WebEA).

By default, Port 804 is defined for http access and Port 805 for https.

The WebConfig client itself also communicates on one of these defined Ports (as specified in the WebConfig 'settings.php' file). The WebConfig's default configuration uses Port 804 (via http).

Configure Ports

The 'Configure Ports' list displays these details and links to corresponding information.



See also


The Port number.


The Protocol that can be used on this Port.

OSLC Support

Indicates whether OSLC / WebEA support is enabled.


Indicates what type of Authentication is required (if any).


Provides options to either Edit or Remove the Port definition.

Editing a Port provides the same options as adding a new Port, except that the Port number cannot be modified.

Note, the WebConfig itself uses one of the defined Ports for communication with the Cloud Server (as defined in the WebConfig 'settings.php' file). It is not possible to delete this Port while it is in use. If necessary you can modify the 'settings.php' file so that the WebConfig uses a different Port. You can then delete the Port that the WebConfig was previously using.

WebConfig - Add or Edit a Port

Add a Port

The final item in the Port list is a link to add a Port.

WebConfig - Add or Edit a Port

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