Author Topic: Version 3.60 - Build 657 Released  (Read 1327 times)


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Version 3.60 - Build 657 Released
« on: January 11, 2004, 10:49:28 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 657
Modified UI to use Shift+Control+Tab as the key combination for moving between tabs in major dialogs - allows use of Control+Tab combination to enter tabs in note fields
Corrected problem with saved image rectangle in XMI sometimes not reflecting absolute diagram offsets
Allowed use of code Synchronize command from Project main menu when multiple selection is enabled
Modified HTML report generation to use ", " instead of "," in some instance, to allow browser to wrap long "See Also" lists
Modified XMI import/export to correct issue with diagrams containing instances of the root export package losing image of package on import
Fixed attributes dialog issue where the user would be mistakenly prompted to save changes when using the keyboard accelerator key to access the dialog.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and readonly files, causing the dialogue to lock.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and inner classes.
Corrected display and updating of Diagram Note Created and Updated dates.
Fixed saving object efforts, risks and metrics where Notes is empty string.
Fixed bug in synchronization of foreign keys during DDL ODBC import.
Fixed missing DB2 Data Type display in table attributes dialog.