Author Topic: Feature Request: re Spaces in Attribute Names  (Read 936 times)


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Feature Request: re Spaces in Attribute Names
« on: February 28, 2002, 04:22:30 am »
Hi all,

If you put a space in an attribute name, it gives a warning that it might give code generation problems.

What I propose is a very simply and easy-to-implement set of mapping conventions one can use. The most common that Java developers will use is like this:

1) Remove all spaces (simply concatenate words together)
2) make the first letter of the resulting string lower case.

I think this is how C# works too but I don't know

Others can be just as simple:

1) replace all spaces with underscores

Similar ideas can be done with table name mapping as well, but it would probably be different, something more like:

1) replace spaces with underscores
2) convert all letters to uppercase