Author Topic: Version 4.00 - Beta Build 4 Released (Reg Users)  (Read 1200 times)


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Version 4.00 - Beta Build 4 Released (Reg Users)
« on: March 08, 2004, 06:16:40 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 718 (Beta 04)
Prevent saving in Boundary element properties dialog when element locked
Prevent saving of Connection details by pressing Enter key when Connection locked
Prevent loss of focus in Project Tree when attempting to edit name of locked element
Reset position of Composite Diagram icon for Use Case when Use Case drawn in Rectangle notation
Show Swimlane classifier name in Diagram Swimlanes where classifier is set
Ensure Swimlanes are not moveable when "Lock" check box is ticked in Swimlane properties dialog.
Ensure Classifier GUID reset after XMI import/export cycle
Fixed error with re-used Ports not saving on first attempt
Added additional tagged values to XMI import/export for Connections - ensure all information is retained thru export/import cycle
Fixed error with Timline range settings not being saved under some conditions
Fixed drawing of Component element shadow when using UML 2 style drawing of components
Modified Port naming to only show PortName:TzypeName. Classifier name not used.
Prevent drawing of Actor in rectangle format in Sequence diagrams
Fixed XMI export error with "Package" visibility
Multi-Object menu item and drawing behavior replaced with "Set Multiplicity" context menu option and UML 2.0 notation (exact multiplicity drawn in top right corner)
Prevent loading of model file if Upgrade to Version 4 is cancelled or fails
Modified output format of Model Tasks in HTML report to exclude invalid dates and HH:MM:SS component
Modified "Duplicate Object" function to rename constructor and destructor to name of new class if applicable
Save icon in toolbar now greys out after a 'Save All' call from the main tab context menu
Classes with long names are now drawn correctly on initial creation - instead of requiring an extra redraw to resize
Focus of control in Operation dialog now set to Name field when dialog first invoked from Project View
Fixed error with sequence diagrams - initial messages would not be added if a notelink connector pre-existed before adding the first sequence message