Author Topic: Version 4.00 - Build 725 Released  (Read 1945 times)


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Version 4.00 - Build 725 Released
« on: April 14, 2004, 10:24:30 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 725
Fixed drawing issue with operations on classes when User defined font set for class. Some operations may revert to standard font after abstract operation.
Corrected issue with some Diagram auto counters referring to wrong diagram type after introduction of UML 2 new diagram types.
Modified Specify Feature Visibility dialog to include option for Port/Part type display in diagrams
Fixed XML immport/export error with Requirement Difficulty and Priority settings.
Modified appearance and minimum size of Objects when stereotyped with <<Object Read>> and <<Object Written>>
Added GUI & Misc. support for EA running under CrossoverOffice (Linux)
Generate DDL - removed whitespace after DROP TABLE statement terminator.
Generate DDL - fixed CREATE INDEX syntax for InterBase/Firebird.
Generate DDL - prevented generation of column default values for MS Access CREATE TABLE statements.
Fixed foreign key bug where key references unique column.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed bug when importing MySQL foreign keys.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed recovery if import fails.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed importing of Oracle LONG data type as CLOB datatype.
Fixed MySQL sql syntax when saving/applying UML profile.
Improved array support in C#, C++, Java and VB.Net. (Involved template changes, see below)
Code Template Updates:
- Linked Attribute Declaration template (for all languages except PHP)
- Fixed bug causing no type to be generated when multiplicity is set without a Collection type.
- Fixed bug with unnamed linked attribute getting a name of the class type not the name in the options dialog.
- Attribute declaration templates updated to provide array support in C#, Java, VB.Net.
- Parameter VB.Net template also updated for array support.
Added Code Gen option for removing suffixes from attribute names when creating properties
Fixed diagram undo behavior for connector & movable element labels.
Added support for reverse synching inner classes.
Fixed Element.ExtensionPoints AI property so that it contains a comma-separated list of extension points for a use case element
Fixed HTML Report generator dialog to prompt user for output folder if none defined
Fixed minor GUI translation issues
Modified behavior of "Attach Note" context menu item to save diagram state on creation, rather than requiring an explicit manual save
Modified drop behaviour of Actor onto Sequence diagram so that Actor instance displays drawn as Actor icon, not rectangle.
Updated LayoutStyles parameters for Project.LayoutDiagram Automation method.
Fixed sql syntax when loading swimlanes so that sort order is determined by converting a string number representation to a number representation.
Fixed issue with "Locate in Current Diagram" not working correctly
Updated collaboration messages to properly link with linked notes
Modified transfer of EAP model with replication enabled to Oracle (Oracle problem with negative ID values in counter columns)
Modified display of Multiplicity in sequence elements to correct issue for objects that are 'created' during interaction