Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 730 Released  (Read 1634 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 730 Released
« on: June 28, 2004, 10:34:07 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.1 Build 730

Release 1 of MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET - and integration plugin linking EA to the Visual Studio.NET development environment
Release 1 of MDG Link Technology File specification for EA
Added support for EA Model Technology resource files in the Resource View
Added support for XMI import/export of rose uuid's
Added support to have default Attributes and Operations in elements defined in the Project-Template package
Improved security checks so that checked-out and versioned classes from foreign packages are locked appropriately.
Fixed bug on PostgreSQL repository where change to table name not working.
Added XMI support for Composite State and SubactivityState when importing from Rose
Set Control + Mouse Wheel as shortcut for zooming diagram
Set Shift + Mouse Wheel as shortcut to horizontally scroll current diagram
Fixed ordering of foreign key columns.
Fixed resizing of elements showing inherited features
Fixed Message drawing to self-associations
Fixed ODBC import of default column values from Oracle.
Fixed RTF default templates to prevent EA incorrecly exporting Object Type information when Object Detail is unselected
Fixed display issue with Activity folder in UML toolbox not enabling scroll button in some conditions
Fixed display issue with Diagrams incorrectly displaying the locations of elements when the diagram is moved in the project
Fixed database error in Automation interface where GetByName attempted to find entries in an empty collection.
Fixed foreign key indexes for Generate MySQL DDL.
Fixed bug with unique constraint names.
Fixed problem with setting message source and target in sequence diagrams.
Fixed syntax of USE DATABASE statement for SQL Server.
Prevented adding duplicate column and constraint names.
Allowed setting Delphi operations to pure without abstract.
Added support for some string manipulation functions in the code generation templates.
Fixed bug when importing tables from MySQL and table owner was empty string.
Fixed schema/owner bug when importing ODBC tables in Unicode version.
Modified Communication message name to include ":" after sequence number (if it exists)
Corrected issue with object name underline being drawn using border style rather than font style
Added support in sequence diagrams to show proposed message insertion path while dragging and dropping a connector (Message)
Added check to ensure sequence lifelines are at least as high as the last message
Fixed table/column comments when generating SQL Server DDL.
Prevented dulicate column names and constraint names.
Added option to propagate primary key attribute change to linked foreign key tables.
Changed Delphi "uses" clauses to use a derivative of the filename of used class.
Improved "Resolve Replication Conflict" dialog and behavior
Allowed creation of read only and write only Delphi properties.
Added support for "Parts" to automatically obtain and keep synchronized any Ports from their type classifier
Added update of connectors for diagram when package element dropped from tree. Previously, connectors for newly dropped Package were not visible immediately
Fixed Activity Parameters to allow their Instance classifiers to be set.
Fixed Class parent behavior on diagrams to show parent aliases if available.
Fixed issue with Alias showing in Project tree when element properties editing from Project tree
Modified tab navigation in main dialogs to use Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown to cycle thru tabs
Modified wrapping behavior of names for Sequence actor, boundary and robustness elements to better handle double byte character sets
Dependency, Include, Extend and Trace icons in UML toolbox modified to have "open arrowhead" image
Some changes to Linux installer to correct intermittent database access errors

Code Template Updates:
- VB.Net Attribute declaration support of object initialisers.
- Delphi Operation declaration support for override tagged value.
- Delphi File changed to use a unit name derived from the filename.
- Removed Delphi file template overrides for class sterotypes of struct and enumeration.