Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 735 Released  (Read 1643 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 735 Released
« on: August 26, 2004, 11:08:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 735

Major update to EA diagram functionality to allow inplace editing and selection of many internal element features:

1. Element Name. Generally allow selection and editing of name within diagram element
2. Element stereotype. Generally allow selection and editing of stereotype within diagram element
3. Attributes. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
4. Operations. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
5. Tagged Values. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
6. Requirements & Constraints. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
7. Maintenance items (Defects, Changes, Issues, Tasks) Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
8. Test Scripts. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
9. Added ability to add Test and Maintenance items from a hot key on element in diagram
10. Operations and Attributes support insertion of new items at any point within the current ordered set
11. In place editing of operations and attributes supports context menu to allow quick entry of some keywords, and selection of classifier from current model
12. Ability to accept changes to attribute or operation and open up a slot for a new item immediately using Ctrl+Enter
13. New "Inline Features" submenu added to main menu Element section.
14. Added ability to navigate a diagram (move current selection) using Ctrl+Shift+ <arrow keys>. This will move current selected element across, down & etc.
15. Added hot key to toggle a selected element's highlighted editable feature on and off (Shift + Enter)
16. When an element is selected and in "highlighted feature" mode, arrow keys (up and down) can be used to move up and down the features.
17. For users of MDG Link to VS.Net and the upcoming MDG Link to Eclipse, Ctrl+E pressed on a selected operation or attribute will activate that feature in the other application

Hot keys modified for this build are:
F2 Edit Selected
Enter View/Edit Properties of selected
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Insert new after selected
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Add attribute
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Add operation
Ctrl+F11 Add other (test, maintenance item)
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete selected feature from model
Ctrl+Shift+<arrows> Navigate diagram selection
Shift+Enter Toggle element highlight mode on and off

Other keys while editing in place:
Enter Accept current changes
Ctrl+Enter Accept changes and open slot for new item
Esc Abort editing (no save)
Shift+F10 Context menu for inplace editing
Ctrl+Space Invoke Classifier dialog

Other changes:
Fixed support for Activity Partition elements in UML 2.0 Profiles
Fixed bug in automation method Resource.Update()
Fixed loading of connector foreign key info where unique index involved.
Fixed checking of columns selected for foreign key creation.
Fixed ODBC schema import from Oracle where user doesn't have sufficient permissions.
Fixed CSV Import/Export Specifications dialog to correct abnormal save behavior
Improvements to XMI export speed for EA format export
Allow Root node to be imported from XMI at Root level
Some minor fixes to RTF document generation to show method pre-condition notes
Fix import of connector association-end stereotype from XMI
Fix XMI import issue which could very rarely place import under wrong package
Changed Attribute/Operation dialog behavior to maintain list selection on deletion of an attribute or operation.
Fixed import of self referencing foreign keys from PostgreSQL.
Added support for multi-page printing for Diagrams.
Fixed SQL Server SQL Drop syntax where table owner included.
Added Status as a column in the Report view
Fixed MySQL DDL syntax for primary keys, indexes and comments.
Fixed Issue.Version on dual interface for automation.
Added ODBC DDL import of MySQL table types.
Fixed ODBC DDL import of MySQL PRIMARY index on primary keys.
Fixed issue with the VB parser concerning comments after a type declaration.
Fixed issue with the VB parser not correctly importing the first attribute of a type.
Fixed problem in the Java parser where it didn't import comments on a single line.
Fixed problem with delegate functions causing problems in the VB.Net parser.
New substitution macros available in code templates: %genOptVBVersion% and %eaVersion%
Renamed Collaboration diagram to Communication diagram in project view new child diagram context menu.
Fixed excess memory when importing large Oracle database through ODBC.
Corrected RTF document output behavior for both RTF Documentation and RTF Diagram only Documentation to fit large diagrams on the RTF output appropriately.
Improved MySQL ODBC schema import and DDL generation.
Fixed DDL generation of Oracle table comments and default values.
Fixed display of foreign keys where two columns from one table reference a single column of another table.
Fixed generation of duplicate foreign key names on a single table.
Fixed bug where deletion of table attribute did not also delete it as an operation parameter.
Fixed problem with name display of inner classes in tree after invoking property dialog via double click
Added option to set default DBMS on Configuration | Database Datatypes dialog.
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value.
Updated Resolve Ambiguities dialogue to include full path of displayed packages during reverse engineering.
Fixed issue where Save as UML Profile command would not function when called from the Project View
Improved PostgreSQL ODBC schema import.
Fixed issue where setting End Source Activation in Sequence diagram could in some cases also set Extend Method Invocation
Modified Ctrl+L hotkey for Ports and Parts to invoke SetPropertyType function instead of SetClassifierD
Modified element Tagged Values tab on Property dialog. Synchronize button now works with Typed elements as well as classified ones (eg. Ports and Parts)
Fixed behavior where collaborations messages would mistakenly move when a diagram is reopened.
Fixed behavior where "'" characters in the RTF word substitution would be incorrectly processed by the RTFLanguage engine.
Fixed behavior where Actor elements were incorrectly unable to select alternate images

Code Template Updates:
- VB Class template updated to check for version to generate