Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 737 Released  (Read 1774 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 737 Released
« on: September 16, 2004, 12:19:18 am »
Enterprise Architect Version 4.10

Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 737

Added dockable Tagged Properties window. Provides the ability to quickly view and edit tagged values (custom properties) for:
     Elements: Including owned tagged values and inherited tagged values
     Object Instances: Show owned tags and those obtained from ther classifier
     Ports and Parts: Like objects - owned tags plus Port/Part "Type" instead of the classifier. Tags are included for all parents etc. of the Port's Type.
     Attributes: Including owned tagged values and those received from attribute type classifier (including inherited ones)
     Operations: Owned properties only
     Connectors: Owned properties only
     When over-riding an inherited property, EA copies down the tag to the child and sets the new value, leaving the original tag unchanged

Automation Interface changes:
     Element TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of all tagged values owned or inherited by an element      
     Attribute TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of Tags (EA.TaggedValue) obtained from the Classifier (and its parents) only. Owned Attribute Tags are not included. Tags with the same name as an Owned tag are not included in the merge list.
     Repository.GetCounts() has been added. This provides a very simplistic count of the number of elements in a selection of major tables.
           In this way you can detect additions and deletions (but not modifications). The returned string includes the following for each major area:
           ITEMNAME=<count of elements in table>:<sum of id's as checksum>;
     FlagUpdates property - read/write. Enable this flag to have EA update an internal flag everytime an update occurs. Query flag with the call below
     LastUpdate property - read only - <guid of instance>:<guid of update> Used from automation to determine if the model may have changed
     InstanceGUID property - read only: random ID assigned when an instance of EA starts up.
     Modified Project.ImportPackageXMI() to accept raw XML in place of a filename. Other options remain the same.

Added diagrams, attributes, operations and connectors to the dockable Notes window. Now it is possible to edit notes for these elements without invoking their property window
Fixed issue with code generation templates not being reloaded after being modified on another machine
Fixed reversed column order when importing tables from PostgreSQL.
Fixed errant DEFAULT keyword when generating PostgreSQL DDL.
Fixed enable/disable problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed "Zero length string" problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed issue with applying stereotypes dragged from Resource View
Fixed issue where the Relationship matrix would wrongly display as a dialog when a Matrix profile is double-clicked in the Resource View.
Fixed issue where emf / wmf diagrams in the RTF Report are not created to fit the width of the page.
Fixed issue where icons for elements drawn with stereotype icons were incorrectly drawn when printed or exported to the clipboard or as an image file.
Modified Attribute and Glossary dialog to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified TestDetails and Maintenance dialogs to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified Diagram::Save function to ensure Undo counter reset and main menu "Edit/Undo" greyed out accordingly
Added some speed enhancements to XMI export of large models
Added ability to create and execute custom templates for Class, Attribute, Method, Parameter and Import
Imports needed by inner classes and all classes after the first in a file will now be generated by the %fileImports% macro.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository involving European comma as decimal separator.
Added "F2" as shortcut key in Project View to begin edit of current item name
Added "Get All Latest" facility to Version Control.
Added Element.PropertyType property (r/w) to Element automation interface. Sets property type for Ports and Parts only
When adding a generalization link between elements, EA will now copy down the parent Stereotype (if one exists) to the child
When dropping a class as a Port or Part onto another element, the resultant Port or Part will have the Stereotype of the classifying type
Some enhancements to improve performance over slow (for example ADSL or ISDN) links
Added offer to save any unsaved changes on navigation away from combined fragment dialog.
Corrected behavior where elements in boundaries were not moved on multi-select moves.
Added language datatypes to base model : C# : string, C++ : bool, wchar_t
Added syntax highlighting for Visual Basic to Source Code Viewer
Updated Configuration menu item to display "Local Paths" instead of "Local Directories"
Fixed automation error for Attributes when loading with ClassifierID, but referenced Classifier is not in current model
Added ability to delete Linked External Requirement (dependency link) from Requirements tab page of Object properties dialog
Fixed FileOpen automation method so that subsequent calls do not error.
Fixed problem where EA Unicode on Win98 could start with project view 'locked'

New substitution macros available in code templates:
- %opReturnQualType%
- %paramQualType%
- %importClassName%
- %importFileName%
- %importFromAggregation%
- %importFromAssociation%
- %importFromAtt%
- %importFromDependency%
- %importFromGeneralization%
- %importFromMeth%
- %importFromParam%
- %importFromRealization%
- %importInFile%
- %importPackagePath%
New function macros available in code templates:
- %REMOVE_DUPLICATES(<source>, <separator>)%
- %TO_UPPER(<string>)%
%fileImports% macro now lists imports for classes needed by all classes in the file.

Code Template Updates:
- Java File template updated to remove extraneous white space after package statement