Author Topic: Version 4.5 - Build 740 Released  (Read 2083 times)


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Version 4.5 - Build 740 Released
« on: November 22, 2004, 08:15:18 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 740

Updated application "look and feel" UI components.
Added "2005" Visual Style (from View Menu)
Added a number of additional default hot-key combinations for commonly used functions
Added ability to multi-select elements within the project view for dragging and dropping and/or deleting
Added option (Tools/Options dialog)to place diagram "tabs" at top instead of bottom of mainview (requires restart)
Added support for vertically aligning moveable element labels (eg. Port name).
Added ability to show UML Technologies and UML Profiles in the UML Toolbox as new pages. Set by right clicking on Technology or Profile in resource View
Improved application load times and overall stability on CXOffice Linux edition
Fixed issue where UML Toolbox scroll buttons may not activate when changing between diagram types
Added ability to have multiple Version Control configurations in the same model.
Added direct support for CVS in addition to existing SCC support.
Modified Interaction fragment dialog to allow larger drop list under Windows 2000/NT
Modified Sequence message to include "Set Label Visibility" context menu option
Extended Object Search on MySQL repository to include attributetags and operationtags.
Connection to repository dialog - replaced unused radio buttons with DBMS text information.
Correction to the Roles dialog to save changes to the Note and Description fields when modified
Corrected behavior where the notes docked window would lose its contents if an element, feature or connector is modified by one of the properties dialogs
Fixed problem with Connector when setting Source and Target thru the Connector Detail menu function. End point offsets are now set to zero when re-assigning source or target to ensure new end point is centred
Added ability to synchronise new class members with package visibility into a C++ class (with public visibility).
Fixed importing of inner interfaces in C#.
Modified Activity drawing to hide stereotype when Diagram "Hide Element Stereotype" option checked
Modified Attribute dialog to pick up default type on first entry
Fixed display of use case metrics, ecf and tcf values on Oracle, PostgreSQL and ASA repositories.
Added ability to "Set Font" on multiple selected elements in diagrams (element context menu)
Fixed issues with unwanted whitespace when importing C# comments.
Fixed bug with attProperty field substitution macro.
Allowed for unit qualified parameter types in Delphi import.
Fixed problem with java import when an empty comment (/**/) appears in the source.
Handle the declaration of multiple attribute in a single statement better in the Java parser.
Added support for tagged values on operation parameters
Updated dockable tag window to display tags for connector ends and operation parameters
Removed "Tagged Value" tab pages from Attribute, Operation, Connector, Object and Requirement dialogs
Added <memo> Tagged Value type - used for storing large and complex data in a tagged value.
Corrected behavior in EA where text on printed or clipboard-copied diagrams were incorrectly overlapped.
Modified drawing behavior to prevent element names overlapping the stereotype icons in Artifacts and Class Elements.
Fixed issue with using cursor keys to resize selected elements.
Fixed issue with attribute losing constraints when dragged and dropped between classes in the Project Browser
Fixed issue with dragging and dropping a parent element onto its child within a diagram causing a circular reference.
Added Requirements #TYPE# tag & updated default HTML templates to show Object requirements type in HTML documentation
Updated RTF document generator to include Diagram Note elements when the "Document All Elements" option is turned on
Fixed problem in Java parser where a comment on the same line as a inner class or function close break stopped the thing following from importing properly.
Added a prompt to confirm code template deletions.
Added a save prompt when closing the code template editor.
Removed "Set as Default" checkbox from the Language Datatypes dialog.
Made the help button for the Language Datatypes dialog go to right page of help
Fixed problems with association types not being correctly imported.
Improved XMI 1.2 export for class diagrams and state machines.
Fixed problem with root packages not importing correctly as root nodes.
Fixed issue with importing and stripping GUID values resulting in duplicate object ids.
Fixed issue with MDG Link for VS.Net and Eclipse when Merging/Generating View level packages (occurs in 738 and 739)
Fixed bug in Glossary report to take Language adjustments into account
Fixed bug in parser that caused it to fail when the following appeared in a string. "\\\""
Fixed bug where import statements where only generated from one end of an association with unspecified direction.
Fixed bug where the arrows on collaboration messages in communication diagrams would not update after moving the association connector
Added option to show line numbers in margin of source editor  
Added "Usage..." menu option in Project Tree context menu for any Element type. Provides list of diagrams element appears in.
Fixed bug where elements with movable labels would not apply the element's customised fonts.
Fixed bug where editing diagram notes in Notes window wasn't marking diagram as unsaved.
Fixed error with XMI import and export of connector color and thickness
Fixed bug where changing case of object test was not saving.
Creating a new VB.Net property with only Read or Write checked now sets the property to "ReadOnly" and "WriteOnly" respectively.
Added a subset of version control functions to the Project View "Rootnodes"
Modified "New Package" and "New View" functions when inserting at the Root level (ie a new view is being added) to prompt for Icon type (Use Case, Class etc.)
BrowseProject dialog (used in Set Project Template Package, Matrix and Move Requirement External) modified to match project package positions, instead of simple alphabetic
Fixed issue with diagram layout not working as expected when importing source code
Modified diagram view to hide grid when zoom level is below 40%
Fixed issue with automation interface - when using the DiagramLink.IsHidden property - depending on the calling convention of the client application
Fixed issue where Classes dropped onto a Sequence lifeline were incorrectly being dropped on as a composite element.

Data Modelling:
- Generate DDL - fixed bug where cascade constraints not generating for MySQL foreign key relationships.
- Added NOT FOR REPLICATION option to SQL Server data model table columns.
- Fixed setting of focus back to column name after saving column.
- Added option to generate a single DDL script for tables selected on a diagram.
- Fixed bug that truncated long check constraints.
- Added support for import of Adaptive Server Anywhere 7 schemas.
- Fixed bug where non-foreign key associations between tables were generated as foreign keys.
- Added support for MySQL ENUM and SET datatypes for generating DDL.
- Modified Foreign Key Dialog to sort foreign key parameters to match datatypes of primary key.
- Modified Foreign Key Dialog to allow moving position of foreign key and primary key columns.
 - Fixed import of foreign keys from MySQL on Windows.

Code Template Updates:
- Added checks for package visibility class members in the C++ Class Body template.