Author Topic: Version 4.51 - Build 750 Released  (Read 2320 times)


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Version 4.51 - Build 750 Released
« on: March 16, 2005, 09:44:14 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.51  build  750
Updated Automation Interface to allow XMI Type specification from Project.ExportPackageXMI() call
Fixed diagram refresh issue that caused deleted element tagged values to remain displayed in diagrams until reloaded
Fixed Licence Management dialogs to use regional date format
Fixed format of sequence message labels when parameter name includes "(opt)"
Fixed display of actors as sequence diagram lifelines when they have alternate image defined
Fixed format of parameterized template labels
Modified behavior of UML Profile imports where stereotypes containing valid notes will not contain the "UML Profile Notes" prefix
Checking out version controlled packages improved.  When current package is up to date, offer user choice of;
 Force Reload, Accept Current & optionally Refresh Model View.  When model view is out of date, force Refresh View.
Improved integration with AccuRev version control.  Status messages returned by AccuRev are displayed in EA output window.  Generation of
Catch & handle exception thrown by AccuRev (& others), when it fails to open project.
successive XML files for an unchanged package, now produces identical files.
Fixed issue with packagePath macro inside a Java Import template.
Fixed issue with C++ parser including comments in default values.
Made it possible to generate private and protected delphi properties
Corrected display of GUIElement with <<tab>> stereotype
New substitution macros available in code templates:
- %attAlias%
- %opAlias%
- %packageAlias%
- %genOptPHPGetPrefix%
- %genOptPHPSetPrefix%
Code Template Updates:
- Updated the the Operation Body Impl template for C++ to not generate constructors and destructors for structs.
- Updated the Operation Body template for Delphi to generate private and protected Delphi properties.
- Updated the Java Class Body enumeration override template to fix bad list conditions.
Fixed bug which allowed in-place editing of elements when security user had insufficient permissions
Fixed bug with in-place creation of attributes and operations where a failure to parse left the default values on the diagram.

Added <<invokes>> and <<precedes>> connectors for Iconix Use Case toolbox.
Fixed bug in display of varchars in PostgreSQL tables.
Fixed bug in showing inherited attributes/operations in a class in a diagram
Stopped generation of bad using statements for inner classes in a C++ implementation file.
Fixed problem that sometimes stopped method and attribute tagged values being available in custom templates.
Fixed issue were RTF Report generation fails when using an SQLServer-based repository.
Fixed problem where VB.Net import statements were generated without the project name.
Fixed issue where operation sequence messages were not being corrected to reflect changes to operation renaming
Fixed bug when generating DDL CHAR dataypes was missing the length.
Fixed problem on Win9x systems where if CVS did not allow check-in of checked out packages if the username environment variable did not match Windows' user name.
Added option to selectively include Embedded Elements in RTF Document generation.
Fixed issue with operation and attribute scope images in Operations and Attributes dialogs when moving position of feature up or down
Fixed spurious error message when entering MDG licence key before an EA key.
Modified code generation to disallow deleting notes from code when model elements have no code.
Added check for locked element when adding embedded element or dropping class as port or part onto locked element