Author Topic: Version 4.51 - Build 751 Released  (Read 2436 times)


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Version 4.51 - Build 751 Released
« on: April 13, 2005, 07:43:31 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.51 build 751
Fixed display of UML Pattern folders in Resource Tree, now sorted alphabetically
Prevented saving invalid stereotype image path.
Fixed display on sequence diagrams of actors with alternate image derived from their stereotype.
Fixed issue with excluding element details for ActivityInitial, ActivityFinal elements in RTF documentation
Fixed issue where legacy profiles would fail to import metafile images for profile stereotypes.
Fixed issue with Project.ImportPackageXMI automation call which prevented the Strip Guids option from working.  
Changed attQualType, linkAttQualName, linkParentQualName, opReturnQualType and paramQualType to include namespace path only if generating namespaces.
Code Template Updates:
- Fixed C++ templates to scope class names in model with outer classes and namespace path if generating namespaces.
- Fixed problem with not generating destructors properly in the Delphi Operation Declaration and Operation Declaration Impl templates.
- Fixed problem in the Visual Basic property get Operation Body template that generated a double quote at the start.
- Fixed C# enumeration Class Declaration template that wouldn't generate non int enum types.
Corrected issue with RTF Report dialog incorrectly setting the saved template when used with saved documents.
Fixed import of MySQL tables where NULL/NOT NULL flags were reversed.
Fixed display of attribute compartment when inherited attributes are being displayed but parent class doesn't have any.
Corrected SQL statement for import of schema from case sensitive SQL Server.
Allowed exception handlers to be set as composite elements.
Corrected Pasting behavior for Embedded Elements to correctly copy element geometries from specified source diagram.
Included Short Description field for Requirement, Issue and Change elements when spell checking.
Fixed saving use case notes > 1024 in length on PostgreSQL repository.
Fixed a bug where the class level option for default file extention didn't work in code engineering.
Allowed for __fastcall methods with a type in the C++ parser.
Fixed bug where code template editor wouldn't display empty user templates.
Added reverse engineering support for Delphi records.
Added integrity check for duplicate diagram links to Data management/Integrity dialog
Modified check when adding connector to allow source element to be locked under security settings, but must still be checked out under Version Control