Author Topic: [UPDATED]importing XMI with tagged values into EA?  (Read 520 times)


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[UPDATED]importing XMI with tagged values into EA?
« on: July 11, 2007, 03:50:55 am »

just an update for the records: I am trying now the EA-API. it is more clear and consistent, thinking about future changes or developments.




Hello all,
we have some weird old code we have to get into EA Model (and from then on drop that old code).

since no available reverse-engineering tool fits into that code, we wrote our own parser, capable to generate XMI, that could be exported in EA. so far so good.

the problem is, we have lot of comments and special information in that code we want to get in the XMI so:

- there is no place for plain comments into standard XMI for artifacts and theirs operations and attributes?

- we decided to put the special information into Tagged Values. it means, this is anyway no more plain XMI 2.1, but XMI with EA-Extensions.

Is there any description available of this extended XMI we are mapping to? any XML Schema available?

we have partially reconstructed the EA-Extended XMI structure but we don't know what it is still necessary or what can be freely omitted. f.e. what about the thecustomprofile:* nodes? and the EAStub ones?

So far we get the basic information and structure into EA, without comments and the tagged values.

thanks for any useful information in advance.



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