Author Topic: Version 6.0 - Build 779  (Read 2117 times)


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Version 6.0 - Build 779
« on: November 24, 2005, 09:34:28 pm »
Fixed issue with spell checking models stored in repositories
Added some missing syntax highlighting.
Fixed error with implicitly scoped operations in a C# interface.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed bug truncating Oracle and SQL Server stored procedures.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed bug truncating SQL Server check constraints.
Fixed error where RTF Document Generate process would wrongly prompt for a Heading style
Fixed "Get All Latest" command when invoked from non-VC packages.
Made "CVS update: checksum failure" message more friendly.
Disabled retrieval of previous version control revisions, when package is checked-out to self.
Fixed errors when reverse engineering Delphi.
Fixed occasional drag/drop issue with Relationship window.
Fixed java parser to handle fully qualified annotations.
Added menu item "Project | Version Control | Work Offline".