Author Topic: Use of "Diagram Gate"  (Read 501 times)


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Use of "Diagram Gate"
« on: April 17, 2008, 06:53:48 pm »

I use EA 7.1.827.

- here :
we can see a gate on the boundary of a "Ref" fragment. It is mentioned that In and Out Gates are supported.

-here :
it is mentioned that there is no Gate on the boundary of a Ref fragment. And both Incoming/Outgoing messages are possible.

- in pratice : when I try to create Gates in a diagram, I do not find the way to indicate that a Gate is an Out Gate, neither an In Gate. Anyway, I can create both Gates with local incoming/outgoing interactions.
And when I reference this diagram from within another diagram (via a Ref fragment), no Gate is displayed (so it seems to confirm the tutorial). But at the same time, when I setup an incoming interaction to this Ref fragment, no message is displayed in the Message comboBox (in the "Message Properties" dialog), whereas I should (at least) find the messages linked to the Gates present in the referenced diagram (and if in/out Gates were differentiated, I should even get a differentiated messages list depending on an incoming/outgoing interaction), should not I?

So is it a normal behaviour? Is there something else to do to get this kind of behaviour?