Author Topic: Version 6.1 - Released (Build 788)  (Read 2729 times)


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Version 6.1 - Released (Build 788)
« on: March 01, 2006, 03:23:35 pm »
Improved load times for models with very large numbers of elements (greater than 250,000)
Improved load times for models with very large packages with deep element nesting (greater than 50,000 nested elements per single package)
Modified toolbar "UML Elements" to allow dropping element at selected location, rather than auto placement in top left corner
Modified element multi-select menu to allow setting multiple elements as "Non-Selectable" in one step
Added context menu option to diagram context menu to allow setting all "Non-Selectable" elements "Selectable" in one step
Fixed issue with Sequence diagrams saved to image or clipboard sometimes having excessive white space on left and top
Enabled actors to be set as composite elements
Resolved issue with dropping Collaboration elements from UML Profiles
Corrected UML syntax checking for Interaction Overview diagrams
Updated EA type library and Interop assembly
Updated behaviour of Information Engineering connectors when multiplicity equals 1.
Stopped creation of unexpected packages in transformations.
Modified Package contents display in diagram to include MessageEndpoint and Final state icons
Added MessageEndpoint and InteractionOccurence elements to list displayed in Project Tree
Added support for generating code from self-aggregations.
Corrected notes synchronisation of VB6 classes when generating.
Improved behaviour or option to remove associations when reverse engineering.
Improved handling of literals and arrays in VB.Net parsing.
Improved handling of enumerations in Java parsing.
Improved handling of enumerations, records and method pointers in Delphi parsing.
Improved handling of forward declarations and properties in C++/CLI parsing.
Code Template Updates:
- Updated C++ templates to handle namespace qualified types and inner classes.