Author Topic: EA/SVN Deleting Packages Leaves XML Clutter?  (Read 377 times)


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EA/SVN Deleting Packages Leaves XML Clutter?
« on: August 06, 2008, 12:47:34 am »

I've created a model and performed a check-in branch operation. It resulted in a whole load of directories and xml files being created in the repository. Things like /ea9/A14D44CC7075.xml.

I've now slimmed down the model quite a bit, so I'm pretty sure a lot of these files are now unused. Is there any way to clear out the old clutter from a model?

At present, I think my two options are:
1) Start a new model, we're early on in development so I can get away with it today, but it won't be an option later on.
2) Manually check each of the controlled packages, and delete those which are no longer referenced.

I'm not looking to do either of these, so I'd be grateful if anyone had any other ideas.

Dave Steadman.