Author Topic: [EA13.5] - Open EA and display diagram/element by GUID  (Read 19 times)


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i would like to know how to load a certain EA project and to tell EA to show a specified diagram/interface, at least in the project browser.
Open a viewable element, like a diagram at the same time would be a plus.

The GUID for the element is known.
I do not want to set a default diagram for startup, as it changes with each start. In addition I also do not want to simply open all possible diagrams.

I am looking for something like:
ea.exe <project_name.eap> <guid>

Alternatively an addin is fine as well, if startup parameters can be passed to an addin.

The idea behind is, if somebody is asking for an architectural design in my EA file, I would simply send a link to my architecture,... .

In addition I would like to know, where the EA command line parameter overview can be found. I did not find a usable list and the cli help function  (--help or /?) is not implemented by Sparx.

Target EA version: 13.5

Thank you in advance


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Re: [EA13.5] - Open EA and display diagram/element by GUID
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Actually I did that years ago. An add-in was just looking into the paste buffer and detect (with is a simple regex) if its a GUID. Now you can look with Repository.GetXxByGUID where Xx can be package, element or diagram. Since GUIDs are unique you get exactly what had been passed.