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Package structure under Archimate
« on: June 26, 2015, 10:31:11 pm »
I’m trying to get started modelling my application in EA using Archimate. I have packages for Viewpoints, Business, App and Tech architectures. I understand that, for example, the Application Arch package should act as a repository or catalog, while the various viewpoints expose home the various element relate to each other.
For example, within the App Arch package I would have packages for app components, app interfaces, app services and so on. I’d place the elements in each package and create diagrams in the viewpoints to show the interaction, i.e. the Application Structure viewpoint.
But my application has about 400 windows and clear areas of functionality; e.g. Client, Intake, Case Mgmt, Service Delivery and so on.  
So two questions…
1)      Would I include these areas as packages under the App Architecture and repeat the catalog packages within each area or is it best to have the catalog packages contain each of the functional areas
2)      In the catalogue packages, e.g. Application Services, what kind of diagrams would you draw in that package?  The app structure and app usage viewpoints will eventually exist. Do you just place the elements on the diagram? Or do you not bother with the diagram in these catalogue type packages.

Any guidance would be appreciated.