Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 489 released  (Read 1714 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 489 released
« on: May 15, 2002, 06:39:34 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 489

- Addition of 'Lollipop' notation for Interfaces (see Interface context menu <Use Circle Notation>)
- Removed small 'lollipop' adornments from Interface when displayed in Rectangle mode to make notation UML 1.4 compliant
- Option for new instances of classes dropped from project browser onto diagram as instance to have same colour and style as original classifer (View/Options/Diagram Page)
- Added method pre- and post- conditions to HTML report
- Fixed bug in diagram drawing which could cause problems with border sizes when the "Print in Color" option was unchecked
- Minor change to calculation of activation periods in Sequence diagrams
- Fixed bug in sequence diagram that caused delete "X" to remain after a delete message had been modified to no loneger be a Delete - until next diagram reload.
- Added check to prevent reverse engineering synchronization of Locked classes
- Fixed bug in report View window that could result in two sets of scrollbars being shown and image corruption at view boundary