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Hi guys,

in model-based engineering, a core means for complexity reduction is to use multiple views (EA diagrams) for the same component (EA element) for depicting certain development aspects. For instance in the embedded system domain, there are architectural perspectives containing data flow views or dependency views. For the same component, there also exist quality perspectives such as the failure propagation through the component, which is related to the quality safety.

A typical model structure for this setting is illustrated in the image at the following link: Example

The example contains the architectural component "MyComponent" having 3 views, where the first one contains full details and the other two contain only certain aspects (in this case a subset of the interface). The "FailureModel MyComponent" is a separate element having 3 views, too.

To indicate that the failure propagation model is targeting "MyComponent", EA connectors can be used to formally relate both elements with each other. However, the aspects, which are solely existent through the notion of diagrams, don't offer the possibility for formal relation, although this would be very beneficial for automated consistency validation, i.e. if I add a port to e.g. aspect 1, I only want it to be shown in aspect 1 of the failure view as well, but not in aspect 2.

Is there a way in EA to formally relate or link two diagrams with each other, so that uambiguous programmatical navigation from a diagram of one element to a diagram of another element gets possible? (blue double arrows in the image)

As I'm quite fit in writing add-ins for EA, I know there is always the possibility to keep a custom programmatical map between the diagrams somewhere in the add-in. However, this would not be my first choice, as it means manual maintenance of consistency, when the user deletes or changes diagrams. I'm rather thriving to a native EA solution to the problem and hope I just overlooked a feature in the past 10 years of using EA :-)

Many thanks for your help.



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Re: Formally relating/linking composite diagrams of different elements
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2018, 05:17:40 am »
I would just place a hyperlink in either diagrams so you can navigate to and fro.