Author Topic: Version 3.50 - Build 584 released  (Read 1640 times)


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Version 3.50 - Build 584 released
« on: December 01, 2002, 04:24:06 am »
Changes in Build 584
- Modified behaviour of code generator to take into account association direction when generating member variables
- Modified C# parser to handle 'attributed' public variables in C# structs
- Added option to View/Options/CodeGeneration - "Do not generate members where association direction is 'Unspecififed'" - false by default
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator to place AssociationEnd Tags in global tag area instead of under AssociationEnd. EA will still read in both positions
- Several modifications to XMI 1.0 import/export. Mainly concerned with Packages, Dependencies and tagged values.
- Modified call made when clicking on Hyperlink and making other OS calls in EA - calls Default handler instead of default 'open' command.
- Modified JDoc parser to include last character in comment - sometimes dropped.
- Added routine to auto-name new elements with a numeric suffix to ensure unique names at creation time. Applies to all element types.