Author Topic: Version 3.50 - Build 585 released  (Read 1534 times)


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Version 3.50 - Build 585 released
« on: December 08, 2002, 03:39:14 am »
Changes in Build 585
- Fixed bug in RTF generator that caused child elements of another element to not document correctly
- Modified code generator and parser to better handle directed associations and aggregations when generating and synchronizing code
- Fix for automation interface that resulted in error when refreshing newly created package
- Added method to automation Project interface - BOOL LayoutDiagram(VARIANT DiagramGUID, LONG Style) - allows layout of diagram from automation
- Added Stereotype field to Source and Target role tab pages of Association link
- Modified UML Profile to populate Association End Role Stereotype when Appropriate
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator-parser to handle association end role stereotypes
- Modified C# code generator to create C# Attributes when set as a tagged value of Attribute for the UML attribute or UML operation
- Modified copy diagram routines to:
     1. Copy swimlanes on shallow and deep copy
     2. Copy and resolve links between owned elements (eg. notes) and linked elements (eg. classes) when doing a shallow copy
- Modified routine to save Scenario text. Presence of a '|' character could cause and error in MySQL
- Added 'Select Classifier Type' button on Attribute dialog to allow finer selection of attribute type than supported in drop list
- Added check box to Batch XMI Import dialog to prevent import from files that have the same file date as the previous import
- Modified Controlled package dialog to support "Generic XMI 1.0" as an export format type (generally should only be used for export to other tools)