Author Topic: Interaction Occurrences on Sequence diagrams  (Read 3560 times)


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Interaction Occurrences on Sequence diagrams
« on: June 27, 2007, 10:26:17 pm »
Hi, I've just submitted a feature request I think would be quite useful.

Say you have one sequence diagram, and that sequence diagram has multiple diagram gates as "entry points" into that diagram, each gate triggers a certain method call, eg 1(), 2(), 3().

You then create a second sequence diagram, you drag the first onto that diagram as an interaction occurrence.

You then make a call/message to that interaction occurrence. The message drop down box is empty, you have to manually type everything in, you can leave it all blank and double click the interaction occurrence for more info, but this is omitting information off the diagram which may prove useful to the person reading the sequence diagram.

I think it should be populated with 1(), 2(), 3() (from the diagram gates on the sequence diagram), so you can select the correct entry point into the sub-sequence. Personally I usually limit the gates per sequence to 1, but I used 1-3 as an example.

Furthermore, if you choose (2) and then on the original sequence diagram you change a parameter, or the message signature changes, I think the call to the interaction occurrence should also update (to be consistent with the way this works everywhere else).

Currently due to the shortcomings I have reverted to using messages, and putting a hyperlink next to it. This doesnt really cut it because there is no way to link the hyperlink to the actual MESSAGE with a connector, it seems you can only link the hyperlink to the element.