Author Topic: When locking an element, implicitly lock all its connectors (or as an option)  (Read 1378 times)


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When we lock a package, and the locking gets propagated into the elements in the package, other individuals or groups shouldn’t be able to change or delete connectors connecting elements in the locked package.

In other word, when an element is locked, its connectors should be implicitly locked as well.

Note that this could also be an option, in which case you need different types of locking.
So this is for you an opportunity to use the field LockType in the table t_seclocks.
Today this field is always empty.



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IIRC the connectors FROM the locked element are locked. But connectors TO the element can be created or deleted at wish. (I currently have not turned on locking, so that comes from memory and might be wrong, though.)



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The option to behave as qwerty has described is there. You'll find it under the security menu. It is not the default.