Author Topic: WebEA relationship matrix not showing ArchiMate Realise connections in the grid  (Read 12052 times)


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It is known (and may well be related) that the expression of MDG models including ArchiMate are not properly described through WebEA, which appears to revert to the base element that has been profiled/stereotyped as part of the MDG.  One of our principal problems however is that creating a relationship matrix profile in the EA client showing say capability realizing another capability will cause the app to generate the requisite image for webEA to show the axes, but will not create the arrows in the grid.  It works for other relationships that we have looked at (association being the simplest).

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?  Is there a workaround/fix?

Raising it as a bug in the appropriate place also.


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No not used WebEA yet with our ArchiMate model but looking at using WebEA/Cloud Pro Server and possibly prolaborate in near future so would be good to know any developments.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Happy to help