Author Topic: How model an central system with published interface and attributs and its users  (Read 2710 times)


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We have an Central Directory (organizations & users) where consuming systems use diffrent attributes.
Today its documented in an "Huge" Excel" with Interface & attributes as Y-axel and Consuming system as X-Axel and CRUD function in resp cell.

I have imported parts of this excel into Sparx EA
- Interface & Attributes as UML Class object and its published attributes
- Consuming Systems is already in the Repository as Archimate ApplicationComponents
- Was trying a Matrix for the relations, but the Attributes in each class was not selectble in the Matrix, only Class & Consuming Systems objects..... :(

But the hurdle is: How to model the Consuming system and the attributes that is used for each relation.

The model must be simple to handle for changes & updates in the feature  8)

Modesto Vega

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What are you trying to model? Internal data structures - i.e., the structure of data at rest? Interface data structures - i.e., the structure of data in transit? Both? Both plus how interface data structures are mapped to internal data structures?

What do you mean with "interface"? Out-of-the-box Sparx has the concept of Interface and Exposed Interface. An interface may have multiple operations that may take different data structures as parameters or may return different data structures.


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Have you considered using Parts instead of Attributes? They both represent the same concept (UML::Property), but Parts are model elements so can appear in the Relationship Matrix as a source or target.
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