Author Topic: Multi-Lingual Toggle / Support in Prolaborate & Sparx  (Read 8065 times)


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Multi-Lingual Toggle / Support in Prolaborate & Sparx
« on: July 08, 2021, 08:02:30 am »
We have a model that we manage translations for in two languages but we have a requirement to provide the diagrams of our content in both languages to our audience.

In Sparx EA 15.2 and Prolaborate 4.x there doesn't seem to be language context capabilities for diagram content (i.e., show a specific language or allow a toggle when viewing a diagram) so I thought I would check with the community to see if I am missing something or this feature has not yet arrived.  The document generation also seems deficient when it comes to diagram content and multi-lingual capabilities.

We can accomplish, partially, what we need by maintaining two diagrams and - via scripting - conveying the second language in the alias of the elements/connectors (and then using the "show alias if available") but this limits our use of the alias for other purposes (e.g., abbreviations).
- Claudio