Author Topic: Problem with creating new elements in Prolaborate: technology not recognized  (Read 2716 times)


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I’m running into trouble in Prolaborate (v3.6.0.0) when creating new elements of a stereotype belonging to a custom made MDG technology:  the newly created  elements are not recognized as being part of the technology that was used.

Some more explanation:  When pressing the “Add Elements” button in prolaborate, and selecting the correct stereotype, the “excel alike” interface seems to behave as expected: the predefined tagged values appear as columns, the tags that are defined as enumerations show the dropdown menu with the correct possible values etc..     After successfully committing, the new elements have been created, they have the correct stereotype, but the tagged values (although they have the correct name) are not seen as part of the technology: Tags that should have been enumerations are now just a “flat” string where you can type any value, the tags are also not recognized by the prolaborate user interface “profile” we configure, etc..
When consulting the newly by-prolaborate-created elements in EA (v15.2.1559), we see the same “wrong” effect: They carry the correct tags… but these appear under the “tagged values” tab instead under the tab belonging to the technology, and none of the built-in restrictions on  the values of these tags  (like enumeration, structured datatypes etc..) are applied.

Anyone else experienced the same behaviour and/or has a solution?  I really hope we can fix this, because at this moment it’s a “show stopper” for embracing Prolaborate as a tool for a business users in our company. 


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here is a "test" MDG that you can use to reproduce, it contains one tagged value that is an enumeration. 

- Save the following as .XML file, and import it in your EA repository.
- Go to prolaborate --> add modeling language --> import the same XML file.
- in EA:  create a class with "TestTech" as stereotype from this technology.
check the properties of the created element.  If correct, you'll see a propery called "CustomTag", with as value "Value1", and it shows a dropdown limiting the possible values to "Value1, Value2, Value3"
- in prolaborate:
   - navigate to the element, check if you see the same dropdown.
   - try the "add elements" button, and add a new element of "testtech" stereotype
   - navigate to the element just created and check if you see the dropdown or not.
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<MDG.Technology version="1.0"><Documentation id="001" name="TestTechMDG" version="0.1" notes="This is just a test"/><UMLProfiles><UMLProfile profiletype="uml2">
<Documentation id="D3063694-C" name="TestTechProfile" version="1.0" notes="testtechprofile"/>
<Stereotype name="TestTech" notes="">
<Apply type="Class">
<Property name="isActive" value=""/>
<Tag name="CustomTag" type="enumeration" description="" unit="" values="Value1,Value2,Value3" default="Value1"/>

Geert Bellekens

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Hi jvdens,

In order to report a bug to Sparx, you need to use the link on the bottom of this page.

Reporting here only serves to inform your fellow users, but will not start a bugfix process at Sparx.



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Hi Geert,

Thanks for pointing this out!  I've followed the link and meanwhile i've reported it as a bug also. 
Allthough I'm still curious if other users have also experienced the same behaviour, and/or if it might be "fixed" in higher versions of EA / prolaborate.
and/or there might be a workaround?  Maybe I missed out a screen in prolaborate where you can create a single element instead of the "bulk creation" / excel alike interface?  OR any other workaournd?

kind regards,