Author Topic: SysML simulation, Send Signal, AcceptEvent how to use the Signal Parameters  (Read 2791 times)


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I am a recent user of EA, trying to succes in using Signal parameters efficiently in SysML activities and state machine simulations.

It seems that such problems have been encountered in the past by other forum users, so I suppose I am not the only one to face them.

So, I hope that somebody can propose a solution that could help several persons.

Here is the problem : I design complex hardware and software systems having to exchange "signals", the quotes meaning they can be simple electrical values or data through a datalink.

I have concurrent activities and state machines to synchronize. 
Those are represented by blocks.
The logical way to sync and transmit data is to use Signals and have those Signals carry some data between activities and state machines.
This means that the Signals have to be sent by a Send Signal action from an activity ( eventually called as a state behavior or transition effect ) and retrieve those from an AcceptEvent in an activity or from a transition triggering event in a state machine.
So far, I succeed to send Signals to state machines or activities and have them trigger the next item in the execution flow.  So far so good.

The problem is that the data ( Signal parameters ) seem not to be passed along or accessible in the simulation.

The questions I have are
1) how to define and pass the parameters to a SendSignal action so that
--  it reaches the proper target ( activity or state machine )
-- it carries the parameters

2) how to retrieve those parameters and use them within state machines and activities ( as effects or behaviors or with acceptEvent ) ?

I did not find any helpful resource nor in the documentation nor online, except some examples using NoMagic or Cameo which do not work once rebuilt in EA.  Maybe I overlooked something, so I'll be glad  to hear about pointers to such things.

Any kind of help would be welcome since I am stuck on a large project.

Thanks a lot in advance,
kind regards,


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Hi Serge,

did you find any solution for your problem?
I want to do the same, as well as simulate activity diagrams with object flows but I don't find any documenation for it...

Best regards,


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Do you just need to create Objects with those Parameters within your simulation? Maybe this will solve at least some of your problem?

Takeshi K

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Just FYI,

Serge posted the same question to another forum and I added a reply. The reply might help you and all other people who have the same question.,48028.0.html