Author Topic: Association AggregationKind difference between Users and Drawing Method  (Read 129 times)


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I'm currently having an issue in an MDG where the Part Association in the MDG is not created with the AggregationKind set if drawn from the toolbox but set correctly if draw via the quicklinker.

The oddest part of the situation is that it works fine for me on two different machines one of which is virtual and a carbon copy of the virtual machines used by the Users suffering with the issue.
Code: [Select]
<Stereotype name="Part Association" metatype="Part Association" ...>
<Apply type="Association">
<Property name="_HideStype" value="Part Association"/>
<Property name="_MeaningBackwards" value="Part to Whole"/>
<Property name="_MeaningForwards" value="Whole to Part"/>
<Property name="compositionKind" value="Composite at Source"/>
<Property name="direction" value="Source -&gt; Destination"/>
<Stereotype name="System Function"... strictness="all">
<stereotypedrelationship stereotype="Common::Part Association" constraint="Common::System Function"/>
<Apply type="Activity">
<Stereotype name="Functional Decomposition" notes="" ...>
<Apply type="ToolboxPage"/>
<Tag name="Common::Part Association(UML::Association)" type="" description="" unit="" values="" default="Part Association"/>