Author Topic: Version 3.50 - Build 576 released  (Read 1851 times)


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Version 3.50 - Build 576 released
« on: November 04, 2002, 05:00:32 am »
Changes in Build 576

- Added "ClassifierID" property to Element interface for automation
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Continue Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message)
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Stop Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message) terminates Forced Activation above
- Modified VB.Net parser to handle Events with default scope in Interfaces especially). Same for Properties.
- Modified Sequence diagram to allow messages from object after receiving delete message and before terminating X
- Added dialog to allow setting of locks on package elements and diagrams - right click package in Browser
- Check to ensure RTF - Save as Document feature returns an error if no RTF Template set up in RTF DOcument dialog
- Fixed bug in VB Parser - missing parameters if ByRef or ByVal keyword used on some parameters
- Hierarchy view modified to put association link in separate node (Is Linked To)
- Added ability to update stereotyped elements with tagged values and constraints from asociated UML Profile item
- Fixed bug in UML PRofile function that didnt insert Constraints when Constraint type not specified in Porifle XML (made Invariant the default)
- Added list of shortcut keys to Help file
- Disabled ability to resize Test Dialog access from the docked Test toolbar
- Added Object FIles to the list of related elements searched in Search Dialog when 'Scenario, Tags etc. ticked (does not apply to MySQL)
- Where user ticks 'Remember ID in Login dialog, focus automatically set to password when Login dialog opens
- Fixed error in Manage User Locks dialog that prvented limiting list display to only User or only Group locks working correctly
- Modified default behaviour of Element toolbar to use 3D shadow colour for background instead of a specific colour
- Modified Code Engineering "Import Source Directory"
     * checking for duplicate classes improved (check done on package not diagram content)
     * ability to import source directory without generating diagrams improved
     * Local path replacements now update Package "Code Generation" path as well as object's
- Added support for UML Qualifiers graphically displayed as rectangle attached to one side of class or object.
     * Qualifiers are set in the Associaiton source and target role dialogs
     * Qualifier rectangles may be suppressed for those wishing to continue using the current text based Qualifiers (see View/Options/Diagram)
     *Qualifers mays be highlighted with some shading (see View/Options/Diagram)
- Fixed bugs in Associaton Class handling - Association class itself may now appear in other diagrams without the Association link
- Fixed bug in drawing of connector end that had Aggreagtion diamond and arrowhead - arrowhead and diamond are now draw one after the other - instead of on top of each other