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Enterprise Architect 15.2 Bolsters Distributed Teams and Mathematical Simulation

Key enhancements to collaboration, workflow and simulation capabilities.

CRESWICK, Australia September 8, 2020

Sparx Systems, the developer of Enterprise Architect – the leading modeling tool for software, business, architecture and systems, has today announced the release of Enterprise Architect version 15.2. This release contains enhanced and expanded core modeling capabilities, with new collaborative and simulation tools, as well as enhanced modeling and navigation capabilities.

"After recently passing the 20th year of Enterprise Architect's public life, it is a great pleasure to ship version 15.2," remarked Geoffrey Sparks, Sparx Systems CEO. " This major new release firmly demonstrates Sparx System's commitment to continual innovation, development and evolution of the Enterprise Architect tool suite and the Pro Cloud Server platform. We look forward to seeing these new tools and capabilities at work, enhancing the modeling and design pipelines of our user base."

Enterprise Architect (EA) 15.2 includes:

  • In model collaboration features such as new peer-to-peer Chat and streamlined Reviews, Discussions, notifications and processes under-pinning collaborative work through either a cloud based or repository based model.
  • New UI windows and tools to better expose some of EA's most useful features, such as the Model Views, Traceability, Searching and Model Navigation. A new Collaboration window that centralizes communication. Simple dashboard views, a new 'Inspector' window, ArchiMate 3.1 Model Exchange File Format, and much more.
  • Mathematical tools and integrations. Significant expansion of the integration with Math tools including new connectivity with MATLAB, Octave and the Cephes Math Library, along with enhancements to Modelica integration. New SysPhS support for consistent simulation with MATLAB, OpenModelica and others. New Solver classes for rendering plots in Octave and Modelica, new JavaScript API's to facilitate mathematical integrations and all new ways of visualizing Simulation results with dynamic charts.
  • Icon Sets. Model your cloud based infrastructures with complete and updated icon libraries for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon AWS, and a new icon library added for the depiction of Microsoft Azure deployments.
  • JavaScript and API enhancements. Many updates to the built in JavaScript engine, including a new JavaScript based Dynamic Chart API, instant Dynamic charts based on Simulation results, simplified ways to edit underlying JavaScript code for behavioral models and more.
  • Pro Cloud Server (PCS) version 4.2 has been released in conjunction with EA version 15.2. PCS 4.2 has numerous enhancements including Prolaborate's Element Editor and Relationship Matrix, WebEA's support for Model Mail, Decision Tables, Properties editing and general look and feel. Also included is improved support for Active Directory and new Floating License Server options.

"For system engineers, process designers and others who need access to advanced mathematical tools within the modeling environment, the many new mathematical integrations and capabilities within EA significantly expand the modeling environment," stated Geoffrey Sparks. "For teams and for others who share their models and work together, the streamlined collaborative capabilities provide an immediate and very real boost to productivity, accuracy and engagement, especially at times when project stakeholders, modelers, architects and managers are constrained to work at a distance."


Enterprise Architect 15.2 is available for immediate download to registered users. For more information, visit:

Pro Cloud Server 4.2 is available for immediate download to registered users. For more information, visit:

Prolaborate is available for purchase from $20 per user/month. For more information, visit:

About Sparx Systems

Sparx Systems is a global software company specializing in high performance, visual modeling platforms for planning, designing and constructing software-intensive systems. Sparx platforms are used by systems designers, corporate planners, business analysts, enterprise architects, standards develop-ers and software engineers. Sparx modeling software is widely used in finance, defense, government, aerospace, automotive engineering, geospatial, entertainment, health, smart grid, aviation, retail and telecommunications.

Sparx Systems’ flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, provides robust support for team-wide collaboration, and can scale up from single-user deployment to teams with hundreds of local and remote collaborators. With more than one million effective users globally and 80% of Fortune 100 firms owning licenses, Enterprise Architect is an essential platform for the most complex of projects.

Recipient of multiple industry awards, Sparx Systems is highly regarded in the industry for the delivery of scalable, robust and affordable digital transformation software solutions. Sparx software is price competitive even when deployed across the entire development team. First developed in 1998, the Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect modeling platform was commercially released in 2000, and has enjoyed more than 20 years of continuous development and growth.

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