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December 2018 Newsletter

Sparx Systems Prolaborate provides the non-modeling community with tools for:

  • Social collaboration using model contents for better engagement,
  • Simplifying and sharing selected parts of the model with non-Enterprise Architect users,
  • Driving digital transformation, impact and decision analysis,
  • Taking enterprise models to C-level executives with confidence,
  • Reviews and workflows for better governance and quality management.

Sparx Systems' CEO, Geoffrey Sparks has remarked of the acquisition:
"Prolaborate is a perfect complement to our Pro Cloud Server offering and brings the benefits of modeling and design-based solutions to a much wider audience."

Sparx Systems Prolaborate is now available as a core component of Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server suite. New and current license holders of the Pro Cloud Server are entitled to 10 Prolaborate licenses.

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Intelligent Transport Systems

For over a decade, Sparx Systems has been collaborating with standards organizations. Most recently this collaboration has included ISO/TC 204 and CEN/TC 278 for the development of the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) standard. C-ITS will allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and traffic infrastructure enabling road users and traffic managers to share and use information to coordinate their actions. The standard aims to significantly improve road safety and traffic efficiency.

Standards group members are developing the standard using Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server, to create and maintain UML models and subsequent frameworks.

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Public Training Sessions

Systems Development with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
Virtual: Dec 7, 2018

SysML with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
Virtual: Dec 10-13, 2018

Enterprise Architect Basics (in German)
Munich: Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019

Model Based Development with Enterprise Architect (in German)
Nuremberg: Jan 29-30, 2019

Enterprise Architect Basics (in German)
Vienna: Jan 20-31, 2019

Introduction to Enterprise Architect (in Japanese)
Yokohama: January, 2019 (date pending)

Enterprise Architect Utilization (in Japanese)
Yokohama: January, 2019 (date pending)