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September 2019 Newsletter

A landmark release from Sparx Systems, version 15 firmly cements Enterprise Architect as the global leader in delivering highly effective, agile, standards based modeling tools to enterprises, businesses, government and developers worldwide.

Version 15 combines an incredibly rich new palette of tools, visual improvements, team customizations, governance, accessibility, integrations, collaboration and deployment options that together will revolutionize and revitalize your modeling and design process. A single tool to expertly cut across multiple domains and build a fully integrated, unified view of your business, your software, your systems, your processes, your enterprise and your world.

Read more and download at the version 15 release page

  • Usability. Hundreds of UI changes to ensure a rich and user friendly experience that promotes rapid development, strong understanding of models, trace-ability, focus and accuracy. New Project browser tools to let you quickly focus in on your interests and cut out the noise. New tools to edit and work with attributes, operations, responsibilities, scenarios and more. New keyboard based shortcuts. All new sub-contexts for fine detail and tight integration with docked properties and notes windows.
  • Visual Clarity. Reworked and optimized visuals provide a cleaner, faster and more intuitive diagramming experience to help you make the right decisions and create stunning visual designs. New diagram navigation options, finely detailed context and extended keyboard support.
  • Visual Flexibility. Custom drawing styles let you choose how to represent design elements with custom shapes, transparencies, colors and images. Unleash your creativity and build the visual representations your customers are acquainted with, all with familiar UML and other domain based elements underlying your representation.
  • Visual Extensibility. Leverage model based addins, new scripting capabilities, new technologies, new tools and more to quickly and effectively extend your models and designs with new directions and new domain driven spaces.
  • New Tools. DMN (Decision Modeling Notation) Services. Data Miner to capture and import data from many sources. Diagram Matrix view for a new way of working with element connectivity. Diagram construct view. Custom tables for your ad hoc tabular data. Custom diagram styles. Custom reports. Feature matrix. Project Browser favorites. New Element Browser. New Portals. New Diagram Browser. Hundreds of UI tweaks. New icons sets for Amazon AWS and Google, new technologies, new ways of working. New behavioral code editing.
  • Governance. Take advantage of model based addins to enforce new work flows, governance and control within your mission critical models. Leverage the security group based restrictions on Perspectives (technologies) and Ribbon sets to ensure your modelers see only the tools and technologies relevant to them.
  • Accessibility. With new private Cloud based components and deployment options, zero configuration deployment capabilities and minimal setup strategies it is now dramatically easier to provide your entire organization with access to Enterprise Architect's rich suite of modeling tools.
  • 360 Vision. New server based deployment options and integration points with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate provide a highly scalable and effective solution for integrating, visualizing and managing your past, present and future architecture, capabilities, processes and assets.
  • Change Management. Tightly integrated change, defect, issue, task and test management. Capture the full story and control your future. Use Time Aware Modeling to build your roadmap.

Read more and download at the version 15 release page

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