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January 2020 Newsletter

This release builds on the strength of version 15 and its ability to revolutionize and revitalize your modeling and design process. Experience a rich new palette of tools, new ways to integrate your systems, visual improvements, team customizations, governance, accessibility, collaboration and deployment options.

Enterprise Architect 15.1 includes numerous new enhancements and technologies for collaboration, model management, presentations, diagramming, and much more.

Read more and download at the version 15.1 release page

  • Engage Your Global Audience. Use manual entry or the power of online services from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to translate model information into many different languages.
  • Fine Tune Your Modeling Language. Lock down the available modeling tools for security groups using Perspectives.
  • Unleash Your Team. Model Baselines can now be configured to use a Reusable Asset Server (RAS), allowing multiple people to work on the same base model while disconnected from each other.
  • Model Based Business Vocabulary. A new model based approach to glossary definition, ensuring all stakeholders have a shared understanding of project terminology.
  • Invite the World into Your Model. Tighter integration to external applications, shared notes, comments and properties.
  • Pin Your Favorites. The Start Page has been enhanced with the ability to pin your favorite models, ensuring consistent, quick access.
  • Take Control of New Diagram Layers. Hide, show and filter diagram content on demand with the new Diagram Layers.
  • Freeze Visible Relationships at a Point in Time. Set your diagrams to freeze the visible connectors between elements to prevent new connectors from being added automatically.
  • Preview Child Diagrams Without Losing Focus. New keyboard accelerators and visual indicators to quickly preview and switch to composite and child diagrams.
  • Visualize Your World. Enterprise Architect's Custom Drawing style has just got better.
  • Enhanced and Richer Decision Tables. Add clarity to your Decision Tables using the new Annotations option.
  • Cyber Security Profile. Identify potential threats and perform cyber security threat evaluation based on your Trust Diagram.
  • Lightning Quick Backup and Transfer. Fast model to model transfer using XML. Cloud enabled.
  • Convenient Source Code Integration. Visual Execution Analyzer now provides commands to directly integrate with source control providers without leaving your model.

Read more and download at the version 15.1 release page.

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