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Sparx Systems Announces


Version 16 Beta Release

Enterprise Architect 16 is a much anticipated upgrade and a major milestone in the product's evolution. Upgraded to a full 64 bit implementation, this new version dramatically expands performance, memory and capability.

Version 16 opens up new ways to work, to share, to model, to visualize, to manage and to deliver. Leverage the knowledge, the insight and the imagination in your people to facilitate elegant, precise and lean solutions. Access upgraded and enhanced technologies, new collaborative capabilities and enhanced modeling frameworks and tools.

Version 16 expands and transforms major aspects of the tool suite:

  1. Modeling, Collaborating and Governance - Enhanced Start Page, Grid Style Diagrams, attach small files and images in Chat, auto-refresh Diagrams, auto-reload Diagrams, improved model governance, Formal Reviews and more.
  2. Enhanced Technologies - Enterprise Architect 64 bit, Code Analyzer, new standard file based repositories, Scriptlets, "native" DBMS connections, expanded JavaScript library and more.
  3. Tools, Frameworks and User Experience - Quick Access Toolbar, Model Patterns for Systems Engineers, NIEM 5.0, Status tab in Inspector Window, Gantt Chart in Resource Allocation window, new Dark Sapphire UI theme and more.

Version 16 is available now in BETA format for evaluation, testing and feedback. Both 64 bit and a legacy 32 bit versions are available.

Modeling, Collaborative and Governance Functionality
Guide your story, your team and your company's future together

  • Real-time chat. Collaborate in real time with individuals and teams.
  • Share files. Send small files and images to team members in chat messages.
  • Personal Diary. Record thoughts, plans and experiences.
  • Formal Review. Streamline reviews when gathering and organizing review artifacts and workflow.
  • Auto-refresh Diagrams. Co-author diagrams in real time. Enable Auto-Refresh on your diagrams to monitor updates as they happen.
  • Model Auditing. Swiftly maintain model quality with nimble change management.
  • Permissions and Restrictions. Add data loss prevention rules at the user level on top of existing model user security.
  • Grid style diagrams. Apply a familiar spreadsheet like overlay.
  • Construct History window. An up-to-date view of resource/task allocation, current testing, as well as current maintenance issues.
  • Start Page enhancements. Revamped Start Page places model building tools at your fingertips.
  • External Data tab. A new view of external systems data for PCS based Integrations such as Jira and Polarion.
  • Custom Documents. Build highly customizable reports. Mix graphics, logos, policies and text with sections of content generated from the model.
Enhanced Technologies
Future proof your investment in Enterprise Architect

  • Enterprise Architect 64 Bit. All new 64 bit version and a legacy 32 bit version. Clean, fast and scalable.
  • Standard file based repositories. QEA/QEAX "mini-repository" built on the proven, secure and open source SQLite database.
  • Simplified BDMS connection. Simplify the connection to existing and new database repositories without drivers.
  • Code Analyzer. Search, Query and Inspect your Code Base with incredible speed and detail.
  • Scriptlets. Tap into EA's underlying rich diagram and element API.
  • Expanded JavaScript library. JavaScript is the default scripting language of Enterprise Architect 16. New examples and libraries will kick start your scripting.
  • XEA file exchange format. A fast, convenient alternative to XMI and XML format for speedy data exchange.
Tools, Frameworks and User Experience
The tool suite that takes you wherever you need to go

  • New UI theme. The Dark theme, "Dark Sapphire" minimizes visual contrast and provides a relaxed reading experience.
  • Systems Engineering Model Patterns. Kick start your Systems Design with re-usable patterns and content that drive productivity.
  • NIEM 5. Achieve reliable Information Exchange using standardized and reusable NIEM schemas.
  • Status tab. Inspect and review the status and priority of all elements on a diagram.
  • AutoNaming by stereotype. Auto-naming expanded to include targeting specific element types AND stereotype.
  • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar. Add your favorite commands from the Ribbon for instant access to what is important to you.
  • Gantt Chart in Resource Allocation. Enhanced Resource Allocation window functions as a Gantt Chart, providing improved management of tasks in the model.

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Sparx Systems
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