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Enterprise Architect ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT 14

Editions and Features

Enterprise Architect 14 builds on the solid modeling base of previous versions and comes with an exciting list of new and refined features.

The Desktop edition has been retired and the Systems Engineering and Business and Software Engineering editions have been joined together into the Unified Edition providing unprecedented value. The Unified Edition includes many new capabilities, features, a rich palette of patterns and useful tooling. To see a full list of the Enterprise Architect 14 features please see our release page.

Ultimate $699
All v13.5 Existing Features Plus:
  • Data Bridge for Enterprise Architect (Jira/ServiceNow/more..)
  • MDG Integration for Office
  • DOORS link, Row Level Security Configuration Interface
Unified $499
All v13.5 EASE & EABSE Features plus:
  • SysML Parametrics, HDL, ADA
  • DDS, Linux satellite service
  • Math support in script library
  • BPSim Model Configuration, BPSim Execution Engine
  • BPEL, UAF, UPDM, Visual Studio Integration
  • DMN execution and code generation
  • Executable State Machines, Modelica simulation
  • Zachman, TOGAF, BPEL, UAF, UPDM, VS Integration
Corporate $299
All v13.5 Corp Edition Features Plus:
  • SysML and DMN Modeling Only
All v13.5 Pro Edition Features plus:
  • Cloud support, floating licenses
  • Memory Profiler, Mono debugger, Metrics
  • Code generation and import improvements
  • All new new patterns & perspectives
  • Meta-models, & many other improvements


Note: The Data Bridge to access external data sources is only available in the Ultimate edition of Enterprise Architect.
In future we will release a purchasable add-on for the Corporate and Unified editions.