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Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect SaaS

Work from anywhere on fast and secure cloud Enterprise Architect environments

  • On board and start modeling immediately
  • No setup overheads
  • Highly Secure AWS, Azure-based solutions
  • SSO-based user management
  • Effortless to scale
  • 5x faster than normal WAN deployment

Streamlined deployments for medium to large organizations

Enterprise Architect SaaS is the perfect cloud based corporate enterprise team modeling delivery solution for the industry leading Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modeling tool. Enterprise Architect supports a range of modeling frameworks and is the tool of choice for over one million users across the world.

Enterprise Architect SaaS deployment allows medium to large teams to quickly start and scale their modeling efforts without any internal operational overheads.

Traditionally, Enterprise Architect is deployed on site to end users’ machines and connects to a remote database. This can incur quite extreme deployment time, efforts and costs for larger organizations in terms of internal provision of infrastructure, setup and maintain software and databases.

With more teams moving to a 'Cloud First' strategy, the 'On Premises' setup is becoming a thing of the past. Enterprise Architect SaaS allows users to get on-boarded and start working almost immediately.

What is required to get started with the Cloud Platform

To enable collaborative modeling using Enterprise Architect over a central repository and distributed modeling, teams have to choose a suitable edition of the 'Enterprise Architect SaaS' and an appropriate 'EA Infrastructure'.

The Enterprise Architect SaaS is the service that renders the Sparx Enterprise Architect Application on a web browser, and the EA Infrastructure is the central repository along with all other infra setup such as Floating license manager, remote https access, etc.

Enterprise Architect SaaS – Editions

Feature Enterprise Standard Edition Enterprise Premium Edition
Suitable For
Medium to Large Teams Large Teams and Enterprises using EA with extended utilities
License Type
Floating Licenses (Concurrent Usage) Floating Licenses (Concurrent Usage)
Minimum License Count
6 users 10 users
Single URL for all users, connected to SSO Single URL for all users, connected to SSO
Availability Availability
Enhanced Security Enhanced Security
Fully Integrated with SAML and AD Fully Integrated with SAML and AD
Custom Branding
Yes Yes
Partner (3rd party) Add-ons Support
Additional Cost Included
Product Updates
Quarterly Refresh Monthly Refresh and On-Demand Refresh
EA Configurations
Standard configuration for all Users Multiple Configurations based on User Groups and Roles
Update Partner Addons
Quarterly updates Quarterly updates
Premium Support for Integrations and EA Configuration
Additional cost Included

Enterprise Architect Cloud Infrastructure

The Enterprise Architect Cloud Infrastructure is also an essential component to enable the cloud platform for collaborative modeling.

The infrastructure varies based on end users security and performance requirement. Various parameters are considered when designing the appropriate infrastructure to meet the users requirements

Enterprise Architect Cloud

Multi Tenant

(Multi Tenant)

Starts from   $2350

Enterprise Architect Cloud

Security Optimized

(Security Optimized)

Starts from   $5210

Some key parameters (not limited to) are

Security Parameters

  • Application Load Balancers (ALB)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Password Vaults
  • VPN Tunnelling
  • IP Whitelisting
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring with alerts on service disruption

Performance Parameters

  • Data transfer rate
  • Database IOPS rate
  • Application Server (EC2) Sizing
  • Database (RDS) sizing

Other Parameters

  • Backup Frequency
  • Premium Support

Benefits of Enterprise Architect SaaS

Access from anywhere

  • Log in and use from any compatible browsers, No Installation is required
  • Great deal of flexibility
  • Work from Anywhere, on any device


  • Performance scalability based on usage
  • Business and Operational Agility
EA SaaS Benefits

No updates or installations Required

  • Access to the latest and stable version
  • All Setup and Maintenance of software and patches managed by Experts
  • Zero downtime

Cost savings

  • Internal IT Costs
  • Operational Cost Certainty

What is in Enterprise Architect SaaS Deployment

EA Repository and License Management

  • Central repository with optimized settings to give the best performance for the chosen Database type
  • Floating Licences are managed in the cloud to allow access from anywhere.

Single Sign On

  • Setting Up a smooth single sign-on across multiple components requires a complex setup across multiple protocols (SAML, Okta, LDAP, etc)

Refined Setup Practices

  • Capacity planning and setup based on an in-depth understanding of Enterprise Architect Application Usage

Pre-Migration Validation and Planning

  • Years of experience setting up EA practice incorporated in choosing the right infrastructure and migration strategy

Enterprise Architect SaaS - Who is this for?

Flexible Deployment Options with an option to try and scale allows Enterprise Architect SaaS to be a suitable fit/makes Enterprise Architect SaaS a suitable fit for Small and Large EA Teams. Sparx Enterprise Architect is widely used by teams of varying size and complexity. The flexible deployment options allows any of these users to switch to easy tool usage using Enterprise Architect SaaS.

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