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Server Legal Conditions

Requirements and Conditions for Using Enterprise Architect as a Server based application.


Enterprise Architect has been built and is intended for deployment as a desktop application to be used by a single user on their primary machine. The use of Enterprise Architect as a Server based application serving content based on its API or some other form of synchronous scripting, manipulation or stimulation is not officially supported and your use of it in this context is at your own risk and is conditional on adherence to the Requirements below.

Sparx Systems does not license 3rd Parties to provide this behavior, and as the end user it is your responsibility to ensure all clients are suitably licensed.


Legal Requirements

If you do wish to use Enterprise Architect in this manner, the following legal requirements must be adhered to for every end user accessing Enterprise Architect functionality on a Server by any means:

  • Every end user MUST have a genuine Enterprise Architect license of the correct Edition registered in their name
  • The end user must be the owner of the license.
  • Sub-licensing by 3rd Parties to end users is not permitted.
  • As there is no keystore or effective license management system to handle floating licenses in this scenario, fixed licenses per end user are required. Licenses cannot be dynamically allocated between end users
  • Unlimited Read-Only and/or Unlimited Read/Write access to a server based instance of Enterprise Architect is expressly forbidden
  • A server based instance must NOT be used to create a derivative work, adapt Enterprise Architect for another platform, virtualize separate functionality or otherwise contravene the rights and entitlements granted to Sparx Systems under copyright law and not expressly granted to the end user in the Enterprise Architect EULA.


Additional 3rd Party Conditions

The following conditions cover additional requirements for 3rd Parties distributing works that require a Server based instance of Enterprise Architect.

  • 3rd Parties MUST advise the end user company/client of the above licensing requirements
  • 3rd Parties must NOT imply their application is approved or certified by Sparx in any manner
  • 3rd Parties must take care not to use Sparx logos or trademarks in a manner which implies some form of commercial relationship


Additional 3rd Party Guidelines

  • A 3rd Party application that makes direct database writes should advise the client of the same and indicate that this is not approved by Sparx and may affect their support agreement.
  • Sparx Systems advises that any damage caused to an end user model by a 3rd Party product under this scenario may negate an end user's support agreement and may occasion additional fees.

These conditions may be updated at any time without notification to you, so please refer to this document from time to time.

For more information on how Enterprise Architect is licenced, not sold to you, and your rights and responsibilities, please refer to your end user licence agreement ('EULA'), the most up to date version of which can be found here. In the event of any inconsistency between this webpage and the EULA, the terms of the EULA will prevail.