System Requirements for Zachman Framework - MDG Technology

MDG Technology for Zachman Framework System Requirements


  • Intel® Pentium III 1 GHhz class processor (or better).
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP SP2, Linux using WINE or Crossover, Mac OS X 10.5.x with Crossover 10.0.3 or better
  • RAM - 256 MB (more RAM will improve performance).
  • Enterprise Architect Professional Version 12.1.1228 (or later)
    Enterprise Architect Corporate Version 12.1.1228 (or later)
  • 20 MB of available hard-disk space (in addition to Enterprise Architect requirements).
  • 1024x768 resolution or greater.