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Third Party Extensions

Third party applications extends the capability of Pro Cloud Server with access to new information, sourced from external applications, also enabling information from Pro Cloud Server to be integrated into other platforms.
Third Party Extensions for Pro Cloud Server are developed using OSLC RESTful API.
Developers are invited to contact Sparx Systems Support to reveive API documentation.



Tasktop connects your best-of-breed software delivery toolchain and automates the flow of information across it for better collaboration and traceability.

Tasktop integrates Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server with your development, testing, planning, and ITSM to eliminate the overhead and waste created by handovers which are slowing your Agile teams down.

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Tasktop traces the flow of work, providing a single source of truth of how business value is moving for customer request to production and the ability to measure how performance improvements are tied to business outcomes.


  • An easy-to-use, scalable, and reliable integration tool infrastructure
  • Connect Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server with 50+ systems, including Atlassian Jira, Micro Focus ALM, Microsoft TFS, IBM RTC, and ServiceNow
  • Real-time and seamless data flow lets your teams stay up-to-date and reduce duplicate data entry
  • Visualize your entire value stream network while enabling your teams to adopt best-of-breed tools.

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