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Team Modeling Resources


This page provides information and resources for users who are considering to deploy Enterprise Architect in a shared or team based environment and covers topics on: DBMS repositories, Cloud Services and Model Security.


DBMS based Repositories

Team based modeling can involve the use of a Database Management Server (or DBMS) for hosting a repository on a shared server that multiple users connect to at the same time. Thereby allowing an entire business or team to simultaneously work on the same repository.

There are number of factors that should be considered before deciding if a DBMS based repository would be an appropriate match for your environment. The deployment whitepaper discusses the various repository options that Enterprise Architect supports and the Pro and Cons of each. We also have a FAQ page that answers many of the common questions associated with DBMS based repositories.

Enterprise Architect supports a range of DBMS products like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

The Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect support connecting to DBMS based repositories.

Details of the process and download links for setting up DBMS based repositories can be found here:

General Performance
General DBMS Repository performance, as experienced by end users will depend very much on the quality and power of the server hosting the DBMS and the network infrastructure on which the DBMS and user are located. Using a DBMS over a very high latency (10ms or higher) network can result in significant delays and visibly inferior performance. When network latency is an issue, Sparx Systems recommends using a Cloud Based Server as the communications have been optimized to reduce the effect of network latency.

Note on Database Indexing
It is also important to understand that due to the nature of how each business operates the physical concentration of data within repositories differs from customer to customer. The Enterprise Architect schema definition comes with a standard set of database indexes that have been designed to maximize performance based on what is expected to be held in a repository however these standard indexes may not completely suit your repository's data. In these rare cases a manual review of the database's performance is recommended by an experienced DBA to optimize Enterprise Architect's data retrieval performance. This should ensure that end users receive the best possible performance even when repositories contain millions of records.

Pro Cloud Server

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server (previously called Cloud Services) is a additional supporting product to Enterprise Architect, it provides a convenient mechanism for hosting models and gives easy access to people within your team, and optionally to external customers and consultants anywhere around the world without them needing to install additional drivers.

All editions of Enterprise Architect are capable of connecting to 'Cloud' based models, the only limitation is that the Professional edition is restricted to connecting to Firebird based cloud repositories.

The 'Pro Cloud Server' application is a free download for all Enterprise Architect users, however in its initial state, certain extended functionality will be disabled. The extended functionality, like WebEA, Integration Plugins and an integrated Floating License Server can be enabled by purchasing a Pro Cloud Server license.

What is the Pro Cloud Server?

The Pro Cloud Server is a standard Microsoft Windows Service, that manages a pool of database connections for each defined repository. It is designed to run on your hardware, so that you have full control of how it is configured and who has access to it and more importantly your data remains totally in your control.

What the Pro Cloud Server is NOT!

Some companies sell subscription based 'Services' in the Cloud that allow customers to have their infrastructure hosted and be available to anyone in the world. The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server is not this type of product, so don't let the name confuse you.

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server application is provided FREE of charge to Registered Users of Enterprise Architect.
For more information please refer to the following resources:
Introduce the Pro Cloud Server: Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the Pro Cloud Server and benefits that it offers
Help Guide: The Enterprise Architect User Guide contains a comprehensive description of the Pro Cloud Server
Live Demo: Connect to one of our 3 Pro Cloud Server, evaluate its performance and how easy an end user can connect to them
Download the Pro Cloud Server: Access the Registered User download page to obtain the Pro Cloud Server installer

Historical products replaced by the Pro Cloud Server

July 2019, With the release of Pro Cloud Server v4, the functionality provided by the Cloud Services has been replaced by the unlicensed edition of the Pro Cloud Server, as a result no further development will be made to Cloud Services.

Download the Cloud Services:

disk icon  SparxCloud.msi Version: 2.1.21 (12 MB)


February 2014, With the release of Enterprise Architect version 11, the functionality provided by the WAN Optimizer has been replaced by the new product 'Cloud Services', as a result no further development will be made to the WAN Optimizer. The following information and download link remain here for legacy purposes.

The Sparx Systems' Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimizer is a server side process for enhancing performance when connecting to remote model repositories. This process reduces the amount of data transmitted and, in turn, the level of network traffic between the Enterprise Architect client and the remote repository.

Download the WAN Optimizer service and client application:

disk icon  wanoptimizer.exe (1.1 MB)


Model Security

Model Security (or Security Enabled Models) are terms we use to describe a feature within the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect that enforce all users to provide valid credentials in order to view and/or update a repository. Once Model Security is enabled on a repository only authorized users will be allowed access. The repository administrator can then control what functionality each user can perform within the repository. Details of Model Security are discussed in the Enterprise Architect User Guide

In order to enable or disable Model Security the user must provide the relevent key for the edition of Enterprise Architect they are using. This is to ensure security is not turned on or off by accident or inexperienced users.

Trial Users
Users of the Trial edition can enable user security on a project, by entering the following key (including the braces { }):

Registered Users
Registered Users of the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect can use the key available from the registered user site.