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Data Modeling Data Types

Enterprise Architect supports modeling and reverse engineering of database schema for these DBMS products:

With the current release, details for modeling the above are included in the EAbase.eap repository available in the directory where Enterprise Architect is installed. This is the base repository used for creating new repositories.

Where you have an existing repository that was created prior to a DBMS data type being supported, you can use one of the following scripts to update the support for the DBMS data types:

For more information on importing these downloaded XML script files, please see: Import Reference Data.

Note: A script will only update the repository that it is applied to. If the EAbase.eap is not up to date, it is best to apply the script to this base repository.

(#): No further development will be undertaken on these DBMS's, due to a general lack of interest for these products from the Enterprise Architect user base. Which will allow Sparx Systems to concentrate its efforts on the other areas of Database modeling.

See also: Supported Databases.