Introduction to Software Engineering with Enterprise Architect

Webinar December 2013

This webinar provides a high level introduction to Software Engineering with Enterprise Architect, covering topics including code engineering, model integration, recording, profiling and much, much more.

Explore the Model

This model provides a Mind Map that details some of the high level software engineering principles and Enterprise Architect.

Download: software-engineering-overview.eap

Questions & Answers

Which version of Enterprise Architect was used during the presentation?

Enterprise Architect 10, build 1009 was used throughout the presentation.

Is the programming language Python supported?

Yes, Python is supported.

A number of other languages are also supported, including:
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Delphi
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic
  • VB.Net
  • Verilog
  • Ada
  • Action Script
  • Systems C
  • VHDL

Enterprise Architect also provides support for custom Grammars, to create your own language.

Is it possible to generate models from imported source code?

Yes. Not only can you generate models from the code, but you also have the ability to synchronize the model and the code after any changes have been made.

Is the test point editor available in the System Engineering edition of Enterprise Architect?

Yes. The Compare Editions table provides a breakdown of which features are available in each edition of Enterprise Architect.

Do you have any videos published to YouTube?

Yes, we have a number of videos available via our Sparx Systems YouTube channel.

Can the Enterprise Architect IDE compile Visual Studio 2010 code?

Yes. I have recorded a YouTube video on Execution Analysis that illustrates how Enterprise Architect can be used to compile applications running the Visual Studio compiler.

Are there any new software engineering features available in Enterprise Architect 10?

Enterprise Architect 10 introduces new features and capabilities such as Testpoints, GDB debugging, profiler support for . NET and much more. Please review the Enterprise Architect Release Notes for a more detailed description of the Visual Execution Analyzer features introduce in Enterprise Architect 10.

Will future webinars demonstrate some of the concepts discussed in this high level overview?

Yes, it is expected that future webinars will cover topics such as recording, profiling and testpoints in much more detail.

Is C as a generating language (out of the model) also available?

Yes, it is possible to use C.

How do I access the Learning Center in Enterprise Architect?

Press (Alt + F1) to access the learning Center. Alternatively, select the Learning Center from the View menu. The Learning Center helps you gain a better understanding of Enterprise Architect. Choose from hundreds of easy to read guides designed to help you perform common tasks.

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