Product Demonstrations

Videos and walk-throughs to help you get up to speed fast and leverage the full power of Enterprise Architect in your daily work.

Demonstrations Description Time
sound icon Generating an IEPD using NIEM 4 new icon This video demonstrates how to generate a NIEM IEPD using Enterprise Architect 14. 20:31
sound icon Profile Helpers Learn a simple, effective way to create profiles, custom toolboxes and new diagram types using profile helpers. 14:27
sound icon ArcGIS An introduction to Enterprise Architect's ArcGIS profile. 25:42
sound icon SysML An introduction to MDG Technology for SysML. 5:42
nosound icon Zachman Framework Overview A tour of MDG Technology for Zachman Framework. 6:21
nosound icon Installing Zachman Framework Installing MDG Technology for Zachman Framework. 3:18
nosound icon TOGAF Overview of the MDG Technology for TOGAF. 4:59