Product Demonstrations

Videos and walk-throughs to help you get up to speed fast and leverage the full power of Enterprise Architect in your daily work.

Demonstrations Description Time
nosound icon Part 1 CVS Setting up a CVS repository for use with Enterprise Architect models. 3:05
nosound icon Part 2 Subversion Setting up a Subversion repository for use with Enterprise Architect models. 2:15
nosound icon Part 3 TFS Setting up a Team Foundation Server (TFS) project for Enterprise Architect. 3:54
nosound icon Part 4 Configure & Connect Configuring Enterprise Architect and connecting to your Version Control system. 1:54
nosound icon Part 5 Controlled Packages Working with version controlled UML packages in Enterprise Architect. 5:24
nosound icon AccuRev Enterprise Architect features built-in support for AccuRev's version control features using SCC. 6:33