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Automation Interface Examples: External Application

EA can be set up to call an external application. You can pass parameters on the current position selected in the Project View to the application being called.

To define an application runable from EA - select from the main menu the Tools | Customize | Tools tab option.

With this you can:

  • Add a command line for an application
  • Define parameters to pass to this application

The parameters required for running the AutInt executable are:

  1. The EA file parameter $f and
  2. The current PackageId $p

Hence the arguments should simply contain: $f, $p



The available parameters for passing information to external applications are:

Parameter Description Notes
$f Project Name i.e. c:\projects\EAexample.eap
$F Calling Application (EA) 'EA'
$p Current Package Id i.e. 144
$P Package GUID GUID for accessing this package
$d Diagram ID Id for accessing associated diagram
$D Diagram GUID GUID for accessing associated diagram
$e Comma separated list of element IDs All elements selected in the current diagram
$E Comma separated list of element GUIDs All elements selected in the current diagram


Once this has been set up, the application can be called from the main menu in EA using Tools | YourApplication.

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